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Progress of Launching "101 Things To Do at KK"

Project by: Daniel Wong


Started on 06 September 2011

Project Description:

After the success of "43 food you must not miss at KK", many readers have been asking me all sort of questions, most frequent question I get is "what can I do/see/play/visit at KK?". 

Hence the idea of writing "101 things to do".Tackling this project should be fun, and challenging.

By writing this guide, I hope to get many people's question answered. I am selling this guide for a low fee to cover the cost of my coffee :) I will share how I come up with the pricing and also strategy I used throughout this project.

Here's what I've done today
1) Research - I've emailed my blog subscribers (500) and received topics they want me to cover.
2) More people to email 'waiting' list - Click on '101 things to do' banners in my blog, you'll see how I collect readers' email. This is to ensure my market is 'warm up' before purchasing.
3) Start building hype - mostly word of mouth, and big-ass banner in my blog.
4) Collecting 101 ideas - I told readers that I have already written 96 ideas, but need 5 more.. I encourage them to contribute the rests. 101 ideas quote should be filled in no time.

My goal for Phase I:
To build a 'minimum viable product' and do a mini launch to my readers, I will do a major launch in travel sites once I think the product is ready.

What to do next:
1) Find 101 ideas -_-"
2) Determine price: RM or USD
3) How to find group of beta readers to review and give testimonials (for sales page)
4) Setup affiliate system
5) ... belum tahu lagi,

That's pretty much it. Next phase is to outsource the content! Muaahhaha. 

Til then.

Project Status:

14 March 2011
15 May 2011

Project Best 43 KK Food - How I gained 6,500 unique visitors in 30 hours.

Project by: Daniel Wong


Started on 10 October 2010

Project Description:

This project was written over span of 2 months and I received a huge spike in blog traffic and exposure. Here I share my experience, lesson and also rewards from writing this post.

The Goal: Write Epic Shit
Creating huge posts is always on my to-do list for my sites. I never fail to gain attention and traffic every time I do this.. PROVIDE VALUE and SOLUTION. Last year, my blog had a spike after I wrote "15 Best Food in KK", I've been invited to many food testing since. This year I came up with even bigger list.. hence the traffic. I become the "KK Food Blogger" although that's not my intention. I wanted to be the most handsome blogger in KK... haih. (lol)

The Traffic:
Posts went viral immediately after I published: 6,500 unique visitors within 30 hours, 5,000 shares on Facebook, 200 RSS subscribers, 200 email subscribers.. well you get the idea. It's fun looking at the traffic stats and readers' comments pouring it. Most of them are hate comments "fuck you why you write this post now I am hungry" lolol.

I earn nothing from this blog posts - however I do get exposure for my KK private guide service where I teamed up with another tour guide. Earning my first RM1,000 in 24 hours. Also gain exposure for my upcoming KK project.

Lesson learned:
Always provide solution / value to your readers. No one is interested in what you did today, your cat's lunch, what perfume you used.. and NO EMO POSTS la please! Readers are interested in what they can benefit from your blog. In my case, I provide entertainment value.. (e.g. Planking post) Lim provide self-help and motivation in 

Also I learned how to setup a proper email list and also minor (yet valuable) lesson along the way. Mostly technical stuff so I'll skip this part.

(Sotong I miss your blog - Y U NO UPDATE!!?? *kof kof kof*)

What to take away:
Anyone can do what I achieved.  Anyone can have the same traffic. Anyone can have the 300-400 daily readers I am having (show off *kof kof*).. remember to share value, put in the effort, and be consistent. 

My biggest lesson:
Do it - beat procrastination.. take small daily steps. I forced myself to write at least 3-5 sentence per day. "tidak habis nih!! diao.." I told myself every time. Small steps is all I take, and momentum will take over.

Hope you learn something from this project. Please ask me any question.